11 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

  1. Methods To Make Money From Blogs

Blogs are a modern way to express personal opinions through the World Wide Web, it has been used for years to show the views and perception of people all over the world, furthermore it is a good way to make money, with a good niche and knowledge combined with good awareness of the Internet techniques you can build considerable audience and followers to your blog, and then you can set off to make money from your blog.

Bloggers have managed to conduct many useful methods to generate income from their blogs and make money in a steady standard; those make money tactics vary according to their characters and the revenue could be made from.

Here are the most useful methods to make money from blogs

1\ PPC Advertising Networks

This method is very popular and widespread through the Internet; it is the most common and easier way to make money from your blog. Have you ever seen contextual ads displayed on blogs or websites you visited before? Of course you did, and you must have clicked on them though. Initially to take part you need to sign up with the network providing information about your website or blog and you will be given some code snippets to paste on it, and then the network will serve ads in relevance to your blog topic, those contextual ads will either be text or images, which will earn you a sum of money whenever a visitor clicks on them. Google Adsense is the most popular program.

The profitability of PPC advertising model basically depends on two major factors, first traffic of your blog – second the click through rate (CTR) which represents how much you can make money out of PPC method. The design of your blog plays a big role in the CTR, ads laced above the articles or blended with the text, for example, will gain higher CTRs. On the other side there is CPC which represents advertisers depends on the website niche. Loans, mortgages, education and financial products are typical examples of profitable niches with good CPC ads worth of a few dollars per click. While other topics tend to give smaller CPC ads with a few cents per click.

The overall CTR is also affected by the traffic source. It has been found that organic traffic (search engines traffic) click more often on the ads resulting in good CTR, because these visitors are already looking for some information or do not recognize the ads. Other traffic sources may represent low CTRs because visitors from them are tech-geeks, know about the ads and just ignore them.

Here is a list of popular advertising networks:

2\ Make Money Selling Ad Space

There is nothing better than selling your own ad space directly to your prospective advertisers and cut out the middle man commission. It is pretty good to write your Advertise With Us page featuring the types of ads you offer and the advertising cost of each, also preferable to place an Advertise Here link on the top navigating menu or the sidebar of your blog. Advertisers often click on Advertise Here links on blogs to find out about your advertising offers. But the important matter you should be aware of is that they are looking for traffic, so you should support your Advertise With Us page with information about your blog daily and monthly traffic, so you hit the goal. Of course information about your blog traffic must be true and not just a fake, and when they are sure about that they will contact you to get the deal and put their codes on your blog to benefit from your targeted traffic. Banners and text links are the most common way that bloggers use. The location and size of the banner determine how much it costs; obviously banners on top of your blog pages are worth more value
than banners on the sidebar or down the page, and the bigger banner the more valuable as well.

Here are some Ad services:

3\ Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very popular method to make money from blogs; you can earn commissions in return of directing potential online shoppers to the product sale page of the merchant. Affiliate marketers are the target of product owners who are always looking for people to promote their products tempting them with high commissions for every single purchase. Blogs with good amount of followers and subscribers can make money by referring online products related to their topic.

Affiliate marketers can use several tolls to send potential customers to online merchants, for instance, banners, text links and product reviews. Usually bloggers combine those tools in their blogs.

Here is a list of popular Affiliate Networks and Marketplaces:

4\ In-Text Advertising

There are some advertising networks have created unique way for bloggers to make money from their content by displaying in-text ads. Such networks like Kontera and infolinks will place sponsored links inside your text, those links are double-underlined to be istinguished from other normal links, when a visitor hovers the cursor over them an ad pops and you get paid if he clicks them. When you join the network you can implement the method by installing a specialized plug in on your blog, and then the system will double-underline most of the content keywords of your blog pages. With every click on kontera in-text link you earn 70% of the revenue.

Many people make money with in-text advertising, while others refrain from using it because they find it a bit intrusive and may annoy their blogs visitors. It is interesting to note that it is not used a lot by the mainstream weblogs.

List of well-known In-Text Advertising Networks:

5\ Offer Services

Beside they are a good way to help people to share their feelings and views about a particular subject; they also became a potential source to make money as they deepen the relation between the blogger and his readers, and make them aware of the blogger’s skills and expertise. Moreover the blogger can get the benefit of that by offering consultation service to guide people who are interested in his niche providing a live example of himself. Also he may offer other services like an online course about a special subject or even selling his own products to the readers.

6\ Write Sponsored Reviews

Many online companies or marketers pay bloggers to write posts about their own products or services. Several marketplaces on the Internet allow bloggers to find marketers and companies that pay them for writing sponsored reviews. Pay Per Post was the first to adopt this model, then soon followed by other companies, such as Sponsored Reviews and ReviewMe, to improve the process and spread out this paid blogging model.

You can join any of these sponsored reviews marketplaces and start to make money writing reviews in a wide variety about products related to your topic, there will be many. However, writing a lot of sponsored reviews may affect your reputation and credibility, furthermore, your blog might get penalized by big search engines like Google. That is why not all bloggers tend to write paid product reviews, but those who do make money well out of it.

If you have a big audience following your blog you can offer sponsored reviews directly cutting the middleman commission.

Popular sponsored reviews and paid blogging networks:

7\ selling text links

This is the process of putting links of other blogs or websites in your blog for a sum of money paid monthly. Advertisers will target blogs for their traffic and good page rank.

However, Google announced that will penalize blogs or website selling text links without the nofollow attribute, since then this method of monetization became less popular. Even so, still many webmasters use it with or without the npfollow tag.

You can sell text links directly through your blog or use specialized networks like Text-Links-Ads to run the process automatically.

Text links networks:

8\ Email list and newsletter

It has ever been said “Money in The List”. Having a good list of subscribers is a very effective and powerful marketing tool to make money in the Internet. They present an unbelievable conversion rates, and efficient possibility to call people into action.

But creating a big list of subscribers is not an easy work though, but it is not impossible too. You can encourage people to subscribe by offering them something they may benefit from, newsletter, for example, with a good blog consist of unique content you will get their trust and they will be willing to subscribe for your advice. Over the time your list will build up to have thousands of subscribers.

Many bloggers make five figures in revenue out of their email newsletters, proving the efficiency of this method.

List of well-known services:

  • AWeber
  • SendStudio NX
  • Constant Contact

9\ Selling an Ebook

Selling your own product is a very lucrative way to make money; digital products are very common on the Internet and Ebooks are one of their aspects. So why don’t you write your own Ebook and promote it through your blog? It is very easy to do that; you can write an Ebook based on the niche of your blog so you will make sure it will get targeted customers that are looking for such information.

This method to make money is one of the old strategies used on the Internet. You can provide your blog visitors by good information about your Ebook and its content to give them good idea of what they will buy.

10\ RSS Feed Ads

Millions of Internet users have adopted the use of the RSS technology very swiftly, since then webmasters are in a quick hurry to make
money using this new content distribution channel. Feedburner is a good example; it already has its own network of publishers, enabling them to display CPM based ads on the footer of the feeds. Bidvertiser also introduced RSS feed option with a PPC scheme.

There are also some bloggers sell banners or sponsored messages directly on their feed, and they really make good money from it.

11\ Ask for Donation

Some reputable bloggers adopted this method to make money from their blogs, and it really works. You can add PayPal Donate button
or a Donate To Us text link to your blog sidebar or at the posts bottom. This may become an efficient way to earn you a good sum of money, especially for blogs that provide their readers with valuable content.

Do you have mor ideas to make money from blogs?

Bloggers always come up with awesome ideas to generate income from their blogs, every now and again a new method to make money rise and when it does you will be there to take advantage.

These methods above are not the only to use but they are the most popular and common, but if you suggest adding another one you think it is worth to be added we will be glad to update our content with your useful opinion and provide our readers with new methods to make money.

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