Four Ways to Make People Love Your Brand

Technology and beauty companies make up most of Forbes’ loyalty lists. Amazon, Apple, and Samsung are examples of brands with diehard consumers that won’t leave them for any reason. The question is why. Here’s how your brand can gain loyal customers that really love your brand.

1. Deliver premium products & services

It may sound obvious, but you don’t have to have a high quality product to stay in business. Some businesses opt for profit rather than quality, and it shows in their customer satisfaction. If you want customers to love you, give them a reason to keep coming back. No matter what crazy marketing gimmick or PR incident your company may have, if you deliver premium products and services, customers will forgive you and come back. Focus on delivering the highest quality products, and make sure your employees are doing what your customers are paying you for, to the highest standards. They’ll have a hard time finding a reason to leave your brand.

2. Create a cool factor

Look at Apple, one of the most successful companies in the world at marketing. Much of this success comes from their efforts to create an inherent “cool factor” in their products. They popularized hip and bohemian commercials, and always make sure their products look like something trendy people want to carry by making them aesthetically pleasing. They appealed to the perceived socially “cool” cliques, like musicians, artists, and those in the know with technology, as opposed to older, middle-aged people and professionals. As a result, just having the latest Apple device was cool. Make your brand “cool” by appealing to certain specific audiences, and by having an updated and aesthetically pleasing logo or look to your product. Eventually you will be offering a product that is not only high quality in every way, but actually cool to have or use for the sake of it being your brand. Consumers love feeling better or cooler in some way, and if your product can do that, you’ll earn their love.

3. Responsive customer service and communication

It doesn’t matter how good your product is if there’s no customer support when there is a problem. If consumers can’t figure out how to fix an issue with your product of service, they will feel abandoned and actually hateful toward your business. When a consumer chooses your business or product for their needs, they are trusting not only in your product or service, but also your company to stand by it. If they have to jump through hoops to fix a problem, you will create negative feelings and they may decide not to purchase your brand in the future. If they can’t replace their product or have no idea what is going on with a service, or can’t get information, they will feel frustrated and angry. Make customers feel safe by outlining how you stand by your product, right from the beginning. Give them easy ways to get in touch with your company if they have a problem, and make it a pleasant or at least easy experience. Give constant and relevant information on products and services and anything that changes with them. If the consumer feels like they can trust you, they will feel safe taking a risk on one of your products, because they know you will be there to make it right if something does happen.

4. Engage with your audience

One of the newest professions is the community manager or representative. We’re all human, but companies aren’t. Everyone wants to feel like they can put a face to a company, have someone they can trust and rely on to give them information, and, if necessary, blame for the company’s mistakes. They want to have someone who acts as a point of contact for the company to get their complaints and comments through in order to change the way their beloved brand behaves. Customers shape products and services more than ever before, through constant communication and reviews. If they feel like they’re really interacting with your company, cared for and an important part of your company, they will find that human connection enables them to have trust. If you engage with your audience, you can easily find out what they’re thinking and even drop rumors and information to reveal future products or services. When your consumers are connected with each other and you, they can build up excitement to anticipate whatever your company is going to launch. Consumers love positive feelings, and if you’re the brand to make them feel that way, they will love you.

Tim has been blogging about branding and marketing for over 4 years. As a brand promotion specialist, Tim has helped numerous brand to increase their awareness through the use of promotional pens, clothing and merchandise. When he is not blogging, Tim enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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