How To Choose A Good Domain Name

The Importance Of Getting A Unique Domain Name

The process of picking a good domain name is essential for any online business and also of great importance because the domain name represents the base of that online business and it is the first thing you should consider when establishing a new blog or website . However , it is not an easy job to get a new , unique and professional domain name , and most people face a big challenge when the try to think up a new domain name for their new websites , and that due to the presence of millions of websites with thousands of different topics , so you will never find a domain name out of the first attempt and you will have to try several times before you get what you need .

Things You Should Consider When Choosing A Domain Name

Because of the significance of domain names and their influence , there are some tips you should pay them close attention before you go ahead to grab your domain name whether it is for business website or personal blog .

1. The domain name is your website name

Obviously most of us will tend to name their sites after their same domain names for the simple reason that people who have visited your website will type the name of it when they think to come back again for more information , because the site name is the first thing they see when they visit , even more , when they tell others about your blog or website they will tell them the name not the URL , and those will also type that name they have been told about to get to your blog or website , thus , if you give your website a different name then more likely you will lose them to another website or blog . However , surprisingly some websites do not follow this rule and their names are not the same as their domain names .

2. Choose a “.com” extension for the domain name

The top-level domain “.com” extension is the widely most recognizable and acceptable for a domain name . I highly recommend to choose a .com extension for your new domain name because most people will type it after your website name when they think to visit it again , and do not forget that web surfers are used to this extension the most and they think of it first when they type any website name that they have visited before . But even so there are many successful websites with domain names end with other extensions such as â€ť .net or .org â€ť , and if your business is based on local customers , then it is also good to go for a local domain name ends with your country local extension , for example , .uk for United Kingdom , .au for Australia and so on . But for international business it is better to get a domain name ending with .com extension as the first choice .

3. Choose a short domain name

The length of your domain name depends on how representative it is to your website topic and how many keywords you want to include through it . The rule is that shorter domain names are easy to remember , easy to type and even more easy to inform other people about them , so try to limit your domain name to two or three words at most .

4. Avoid hyphens

Hyphenated domain names should be avoided for several reasons , first people won’t remember where the hyphens go and even more forget them completely , second you can’t include the hyphens into your website’s name because it does not make sense and as a result you end up with a different name for your website which is more likely an already owned domain name of another website or blog that is the same domain name as yours but without the hyphens , third the hyphenated domain name gives the impression that it is a cheap substitute of an original one . All these reasons will cause you losing traffic for another website . Despite all , some businesses use one or two hyphens withing their domain names , and that because the desired one  is owned by someone else .

5. Singular or plural domain name

A domain name may contain a singular or plural word , however when registering a domain name you should go with that seems more reasonable when choosing between singular and plural , for example if you want to register a domain name for a blog talking about tips of blogging it is better to choose the plural form because it sounds better than , so in case the plural form is taken ( probably ) , then better to think of a different name . In the other hand if you want to register a domain name for a website about site building and Internet techniques , you can think of which seems better than cause people are more likely to forget the “s” when typing that name .

6. Containing the main keywords

Make sure that you include the main keywords that represent your website content when choosing a domain name , for two reasons , first it helps in search engine optimization and listing your website pages high in search results for that keyword , second  it tells your visitors what your site is all about when they come across your website . For instance , if your site is about football , you should incorporate the word football into the domain name .

7. Avoid numerals

Try to keep away from numerals when choosing a domain name , some people substitute words with numerals such as “2″ instead of “to” , “4″ instead of “for” , and that because they domain they want is owned by somebody else . The problem here is when people try to come back to that site they type the meaning they remember and probably they forget the numbers and thus type the exact word not the numeral and therefore end in another website .

8. Type-in traffic domain name

Type-in traffic is when web surfers type what they look for plus “.com” in the browser bar and land directly into your website home page , that because your domain name is exactly what they look for . If you can find such a domain name then you will have a good opportunity to get some good traffic and even more optimize your website search results in top search engines especially if you choose a good type-in traffic domain name .

 9. Avoid slang and obscure words

When registering a domain name you should stay away from slang and obscure words or terms that not many people know them for the reason that they are hard to remember and may cause confusion for the first time , also it seems unprofessional to use such words in a domain name as it will give negative idea for your website visitors . It is more wise to think up a brand domain name than using letters like “u“ for the word â€ťyou“ .

10. Easy typing

A domain name should not be involving spelling , length or hard to remember words issues , if it is , there will be high probability to lose your branding and marketing value . Also , as easy to type your domain name as easy it is to remember for your visitors .

11. Easily understood

It is important for any webmaster to have a domain name that is easy to understand when people they first read or hear about , so when choosing a domain name you should make it clear for anybody to know what exactly your website is all about . But still you can go for a brand domain name if you can think of a good one .

12. Unique

The advantage of a unique domain name is represented by the ability to remember it because it is different and special than a normal domain name , so people will keep it in mind and even tell others about . Moreover if you come up a fantastic domain name then you will have a great value for a long term .

13. Easy to remember

To make sure your domain name is easy for your visitors to remember then you should restrict it to one or two words only and avoid long words . Also keep away from long and obscure words or combination of words . For example , let’s say you wish to start a blog about movies and filming , then better to go for something like or , such domain names are really memorable and expressive .

14. Brain storm

Finding a good domain name is really hard job and may take a lot of time before you find a satisfactory domain name for your site , so one of a good ways to think up a new domain name is brain storming top keywords of your website topic and make several combinations of them till you get what you want . You can also ask for your family and friends  help to give you more ideas . 

15. Domain name auctions

This can be a final solution in case you do not find a good domain name ore you want a specific one . Domain auctions are really full of many options of very good domain names , there you can find a good bargain or even pay more money for a fantastic offer .

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