How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing For A Living

I see a lot of people asking the question, whether or not it is even possible to make money online, let alone make enough money online to make a living.

I can happily say that it is not only possible, you can actually become very rich through it.

Unlike your typical corporate job, affiliate marketing gives back more, in the sense of, the more effort you put into it the more reward you’ll receive. And once you monetize your business well enough, you can pretty much let it run on its own.

It all depends on how much money you wish to earn, or how much work you feel like putting into it.

Unlike your typical 9-5 job, affiliate marketing will not necessarily give you a paycheck after your first month. I’m not saying it is impossible, but the beginning is always hard.

In this post however I’d rather discuss how it is possible to make a living from it and talk about specific examples. You will see in these examples that you can not only make a living from it but actually make a killing!

Case Study Examples

In the beginning it is normal to have your doubts. I did too, especially with all the online scams scattered around the internet.

I kept looking for people who were already making a living off their websites. It’s good to contact these people and ask them for advice and/or the struggles they encountered, along their business creation.

Not only was I amazed and I almost dropped my jaw onto my keyboard, but as I continued reading. She also said that this was not her only source of income and that she has other websites.

Now think about that for a moment. In my previous job I didn’t even make $50,000 in a year! She’s making that in a month, with just one of her websites!

This is not a single case either. In the community there are several people making similar incomes. I just felt like sharing this one as it was the latest one I read about. I tend to look for these successful members on a regular basis for several reasons.

  1. It reassures me that I can make money online
  2. It gives me more confidence to achieve the same and beat their income
  3. I make new connections and get to learn more
  4. It inspires me to get back to work

What I’ve also realized, is that you cannot completely leave your websites on a standby mode. These people continuously wrote that if they don’t take care of their business, there is a strong decline in income. (note how there is still an income though)

Is This Business For Anyone?

In some ways I could answer by saying of course, but the truth is it isn’t. If you are wondering if anyone can learn how to make it through affiliate marketing, then yes, definitely!

Will everyone that attempts succeed? No definitely not. I’ve seen quite a few people give up very quickly. Some people barely start and give up before they found their niche.

Others put a lot of effort into it and get too frustrated after each set back and throw it all away.

The ones that truly succeed are those that start and don’t stop until success hits them in the face. One member almost gave up after a whole year. But when he was near the end of his journey, he got back on his computer and kept building his website. He is now a top earner and lives his life the way he wants to.

If however you are one of the following…:

  • Unmotivated
  • Not interested in online businesses
  • Easily frustrated with technology not going your way
  • A quitter
  • Don’t like writing
  • Have no interest in learning
  • Not willing to take a risk
  • Don’t like working in your spare time

…Then I think you might want to find another source of passive income.

Even the member that earned $50,000 in one month from one of her sites, has been making money for several years now, even before she joined WA.

She did join the community, for one specific reason: Education!

It’s only as hard as you make it

The internet and technology constantly evolves. These evolutions are picked up and turned into valuable courses that are taught to all members.

This is why you constantly have to be on top of your education to be able to keep up. So if you cannot be bothered with that, naturally I have to admit that you will probably not make it very far within this business.

I’d rather share this information with you now instead of you finding out the hard way.

On the other hand I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to learn new things. I get ecstatic when new information enters my brain. I love improving as a human being and it is even better when I don’t have to do hourlong researches on my own.

I like the way I’m being taught affiliate marketing through WA. It encourages you:

  • To complete tasks
  • Make checklists
  • Go back and complete things you’ve missed
  • Take breaks
  • Help each other out
  • Motivate each other

All of which are necessary to succeed in my opinion. It is very vital to hang out with people that have the same mindset as you. If you hang out with people that constantly tell you that you will fail and that you are wasting your time, then you will definitely find it a lot harder to get by.

Some people might use this negativity as their fuel, but I think it is a lot better to get support when needed, than fight on a daily basis, as the work itself is already a fight.

Support is half the battle

I hope that this post cleared some confusion and might have motivated some of you to join this business venture. I certainly can’t imagine doing anything else as a living anymore.

Of course I would like to have other businesses running on the side, but this is my primary focus from now on, until I succeed. How do I define success? If I can live and pay my bills through my website. Everything above that will be my retirement achievement

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