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Affiliate marketing is one of the basic ways of Internet marketing, and it is one of the best when it comes to the amount of money that you can earn online. This technique is often used by bloggers and webmasters to make decent income from the web. It is an act of referring shoppers to a variety of online products and gain a commission of the sale in return. So how does it work? It is quite simple, when an individual signs up for any of the well-known affiliate programs he becomes an affiliate marketer and can start promoting some products or services online and get a reward for every sale or lead that is done for the product or service’s owner. So you can make money online by helping companies to sell their products or services.

For any blogger or webmaster it is quite easy to promote any product on the Internet, as there are many affiliate programs available with various types of products to be sold, you just need to make your decision and choose the right one for you to promote online. It is not difficult to find the appropriate affiliate program amongst the known affiliate networks such as, Commission or They have thousands of free affiliate programs which are classified to many categories depending on their types. And no doubt that by searching in their database you will find so many products that you will be pleased to promote online.

So, does affiliate marketing has good benefits? The answer is yes, first of all the percentage of commission can go up to 75% of the product price, this percentage is offered by the sellers to urge the affiliate marketers to put great effort in directing as much customers as possible to buy a particular product, so you can make money beside your current job or even replace it if you become successful at it. As people from all over the world are buying a lot of online products every minute of every day, affiliate marketing has really become a legitimate way to bring in passive income. No need to develop your own products, just find your suitable outlets and start making money.

Bloggers usually write articles to promote their affiliate products, and this can be really good in some ways:

  • You provide the customers with good information of what they are going to buy, which encourages them to click through your affiliate links and make a purchase and therefore increase the potential earnings you can gain.
  • You leave good impression to your visitors about your knowledge of the products you promote and that you are trusted and authoritative, which will make them return to make another purchase through your blog when you promote for another product.
  • You provide your blog or website with new content and keep it up to date with new information, services and products that are available online.

As an affiliate marketer you can write free articles for other people who are looking for new content, and you could be allowed to include your own affiliate links into these articles. This way you can target new audience who are already interested in your topic and are really sophisticated in buying products online.

You can also write for article sites and be allowed to put links to your products at the bottom of your articles. And still some sites may pay you small fees for writing them some new posts. But you should consider that writing fantastic article is the key to attract as many customers as possible and assure them how much they can get benefit if they check out the products you have promoted.

There are two ways to make money as an affiliate:

1-PPS (Pay per sale):

Many companies and merchants reward their affiliates in pay per sale basis. So, when an affiliate refers a customer to a particular product resulting in a sale for the company, the company will pay him or her part of the sale value (affiliate commission). The affiliate commission rate generally ranges from 5% to 75% of the sale revenue. Depending on the product and the brand, the affiliate commission rate is affected. If the products you are promoting are of popular brand like Amazon, you will only be offered 5% to 10% commission rate, because its products are already well-known.

In the other side, some affiliate programs can offer high commission rate. You can get up to 75% of the affiliate commission by promoting digital products from Clickbank. 50% is the least predictable commission rate for most digital products, and that is because they take more marketing effort to be sold, and thus, the commission must be higher.

2-PPA (Pay per action):

Pay per action is another type of payments given to affiliate marketers; it is used by many companies through the Internet nowadays. Under this type of payment the affiliate gets paid when the affiliate directs a visitor to the company or merchant site leading to a desired action occurs, such action could be a subscription, a sign up for an online service, a free trial of a particular product or any action that the merchant would like the visitor to perform on his sites. This action is already specified by the merchant, and when it happens he pays a fixed fee to the affiliate.

I would like to point out that the pay per action programs are lower in payments than the pay per sale programs. However, many bloggers and web masters use pay per action affiliate programs on their blogs or sites, because generating leads to merchants is much easier than generating sales.

How to get started as an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to make money online, but first you will need to build your own blog or website with a topic that you know well, and promote affiliate products in relevance to your site or blog topic. You should choose your niche very carefully as it is necessary to pick the right topic for your site, this simply means you should have good knowledge about it and that you have the interest and the enthusiasm to write about it. You can use you experience and expertise to figure out what is best for you.

You should provide valuable content on your blog or website to the visitors and recommend related products or services to them. This is an effective way to direct your blog or site visitors to the merchant site to check out the particular product or service. When a click through your affiliate links leads to a sale, you will get a commission into your affiliate account.

Traffic is the key of success

You should be willing to dedicate as much time as possible on Internet marketing to generate a lot of traffic to your blog or website to reach the extremes of affiliate marketing. There are many ways to generate traffic to your blog or site. Take your time to learn them well and use them efficiently to succeed in affiliate marketing.

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