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Taking paid online surveys is a good way to make money, with a computer and Internet access you can start filling in online surveys and get paid in return. The good thing about that it is easy and takes not much time to complete, and it is also an amusing way to gain money.

Paid surveys often consist of sets of questions about a product or service; the survey taker should complete the survey answering whole questions and get paid for it. And guess what; all questions have alternative answers for each, that participants will only pick the answer they think the most suitable for every question.

Now you must be wondering, why would anyone care about my opinion? And why does he pay me for it? And what does he get in return? It is quite simple, countless companies and International corporations are willing to pay a lot of money to figure out what consumers want.

But the problem they face is how to contact them (the consumers), it is not easy. They hire survey companies to connect with people and get opinions about their products and what people will need in the future, and what will make them to buy.

When you participate you will become part of the market research, and you may get the chance to try new products that are not yet available in stores or play a new video game, and you get paid for that.

Paying for people to take surveys is the easiest and quickest way to help companies to get the needed information and feedback from consumers. And it is also cheaper and more effective than any other form of market research. And more important it can really help them to avoid fatal mistakes that can affect their reputation.

How to participate?

There are hundreds of market research companies conducting survey online. Whenever they have prepared a paid survey, they email their registered members who will click on the link to the survey pages and fill in the survey.

So first you will need to become a member of a market research company by filling in an online registration form in the company site, and start getting emails of new surveys. The registration is usually free in most of market research companies and open to everyone. However, some companies ask to pay some fees for new member registration.

Is it easy to make money from paid surveys?

Absolutely, once you become a member of any market research company you will start receiving emails of new surveys; just check your inbox everyday for new surveys, and answer the questions of the survey and earn some cash helping companies to improve their products.

Is it possible to make a living from paid surveys?

No, you can’t depend on paid survey as a full-time income source, but if you want to make some extra cash to increase your monthly income it can really help, so many people use it to pay for many costs.

How much can I earn from paid surveys?

The amount of money you can earn is influenced by several factors, the site that provide the surveys, the country you live in and the time that each survey takes you to complete. You can earn between 4$ to 50$ per survey as an average, but most surveys will be at the lower point of the scale. However, by filling several surveys per hour you can increase the potential sum of money you can earn.

Do I have to be pinned to my computer waiting for surveys?

Actually you can answer paid surveys any time you want, most surveys are valid for at least 36 hours, but you should be aware there are many survey takers competing with you. Surveys may only need to be answered by a limited number of people, but to get the best from it they send it to more people than needed to assure to reach enough replies. So it is better to complete them as soon as they are sent to you.

How to join the right survey sites?

Some sites pay you every time you fill in a survey while others give you points for each survey, and you will have to reach a specific set of points before you redeem your cash. So the amounts of money you can earn basically depend on which sites you sign up for.

To make good money from paid surveys you should join as many sites as you can to ensure you receive a lot of surveys everyday, so it is better to set up a new email account for that, as you will receive so many survey emails and also to avoid missing out any survey inside your personal inbox.

Paid survey is really a good way to make money for people who want to increase their monthly income. And it is an easy method to bring some money that anyone can do in their spare time. How much you earn depend on the number of surveys you complete, and to maximize your chance make sure that your profile in the survey sites is always up to date, and don’t forget to dedicate some time daily to check your inbox for newly received surveys. Go ahead to earn some extra money and get some fun as well.

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