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Many of the things that you buy in stores are usually more expensive than buying them online. The reason for this is because stores have to charge manufacturers stocking fees for letting them have their products take up space on their shelves. What ends up happening is that prices becomes higher in order to compensate. On the internet, prices may be cheaper than what you see in stores because of many reasons—some that we’ll explain in this article.

Not only is the internet a great way to shop online without leaving your home, it’s also a great way to save money when buying all the things that you need! One of the reason that many items are cheaper online is because there is no need to pay the price of stocking fees. Another reason may be that importing goods cost money; running the shop cost electricity, thus money;  renting also becomes a factor. It isn’t hard to believe that after all, if all you need is storage to store your items, the overall consumer price will be cheaper online.

Certain online sites are also eligible for cash back rebates only when you shop online. offers a ton of stores that may be eligible for cash back like Walmart, Newegg, JCPenney, Walgreens, and lots more. When you also shop with a credit card, you may also be eligible for cash back when shopping through their “shopping mall”. Like, they should offer a variety of stores that you already shop from outside (depending on which credit card company you have).

There is also a site where it offers you bonus when you shop through their website called The best part is, you don’t necessarily have to spend anything to gain points! However, being  an online shopping that you are, you will benefits by doing so.

To see some of the lowest price on your favorite gadgets (and everything else) look at is ran by many that find some of the best deals that you can’t normally find yourself.

Some people may find it hard to negotiate in store when doing it face to face. There is nothing wrong with negotiating at all, you are doing your wallet a favor by getting a discount from that merchant. To get started, you should head over to that site’s live chat session to talk to one of their representatives. You should say something along the line of “I’ve been a loyal customer, is there any discount?” and if they insist that there isn’t, tell them that you will proceed to shop elsewhere (it’s best to mention the competitor’s site too). Many times, they will say that they don’t have authority at first, but you should still continue with the line of “I’ll shop elsewhere” and magically some merchants will all of a sudden have power to give you a discount.

If it doesn’t work, just remember that it takes a fraction of a second to shop elsewhere; you are the one in power when shopping for something. With so many websites to shop at, there are many choices in the palm of your hand. More important, if you are able to shop online instead of from a brick & mortar store, by all means go for it if you want to save money.

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