What Bloggers Really Want To Know

It is incredibly hot outside but I’m keeping my mind cool as I’m writing this article about a subject that I think will interest you: what most bloggers really want to know in order to make money blogging.

Steps You Need To Follow To Make Money Blogging

When you start to notice a blogger and their site, and when you start to follow that blogger and realize that this person really knows what they are talking about, then it is too late to wonder whether or not this blogger will make it. They already have. Because of the power of the internet, we do not see the lowly person that has a dream to make money blogging. We don’t see the struggles that this now influential blogger had to face on the road to their dream job. We notice them when they are on the top.

The reason for this is because of the search engine and the things that has to be done to get noticed on the internet. We don’t see these people struggle because while they were struggling, they were nowhere near the first five pages on the search engine. And, as we all know, most people just don’t search that far down the line when looking for something on the internet.

There is an order that must be followed if you want to make money blogging. The guys like John Chow, that makes an astounding $40,000 per month with his blog, told me that it took him 8 months before he made his first $25! No one knew him, and no one cared about his opinions. He was a nobody. He was named one of the internet’s most influential bloggers of all time! This is a post about how John Chow came down off his throne to talk to a lowly blogger like me!

Back to the order you need to take to make money blogging

Step #1 To Make Money Blogging

Most people that think they can make money blogging by just starting a blog on a free platform is just kidding themselves. Platforms like Blogger are great for teenagers or people that are just wanting to keep an online diary, but if you are really serious about making money, then you need to buy a domain name What Bloggers Really Want To Know To Make Money Blogging. You might be saying to yourself, “I want to make money, not spend money!!” However, in order to learn how to make money with a blog you need to make your website look as professional as you can, and a self hosted WordPress plus domain name is the best way to go. With the link above, you can get both of these together at GoDaddy.

Online presence is the key to being a successful blogger.

Once you have the idea of what your blog is going to be about, and you have an idea of what type of domain name that you want to use, then you should use the Google Keyword Tool. This will probably be your most important step in the whole endeavor of your blogging career. Finding a keyword that integrates with the idea of your blog and is incorporated into your domain name will be very powerful.

Still wondering why?

It is because of this: Say your blog is going to be about cat collars. And you used the Google keyword tool to find out how many people search for cat collars. So you would create a domain name around that keyword research that you just found out,. When people go to Google and search this term, it will be more than likely that your site will come up when people search this.

I’ve Got My Site Set Up, now How Can I Make Money Blogging?

Now the waiting begins. Once you have created a great WordPress site and found about 3-4 great keywords from the keyword tool, you will need to integrate a strategy for your site or blog. This is important because this will keep you on a schedule. Beware that between months two and four is when the majority of new bloggers give up because they are not making any money with their site. Remember that it will take time to get started. Also remember what John Chow told me:

It took me 8 months before I made my first dollar!

My brother-in-law asked me what was the one thing I wanted the most, and I replied, “Time”.  There is not enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done to keep a blog promoted online and get your URL in front of potential visitors every day…it is a constant battle.  It takes time and patience to make a site profitable, so don’t worry that you may be doing something wrong when you don’t make money blogging right away.

Here is where I remind you to be wary of a couple of things:

  • Sites and sales pages that promise you results by tomorrow or next week- I know that some of these squeeze pages have very tempting sales tactics, but stay away from sites that make promises like this.  There is no way that you can get on Google’s first page within 3 days or 1 month.  If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.  I have bought enough of these things for the both of us, so take it from me, you can do this on your own, it just takes a little time!

Now you are in limbo, you have your blog and you wait for Google to index your site. Now there are people that will tell you that you need to submit your site to Google, but Google is good enough to find it on its own, however, it won’t hurt any to do it so you can make your own choice about it.

Remember those keywords you picked out?

Now it would be great if all you had to do was write blog posts and wait to be placed on the coveted first page of Google, however, you actually have to do some things in order to get Google to actually notice your site. Remember those keywords that you picked out earlier? Here is where you need to integrate a strategy to get noticed for those keywords in the search engines.

Here are some powerful methods to use to get noticed and make money blogging:

LINK BUILDING- This is a term that you should get acquainted with.  This is how you will take those keywords that you picked out and implement them all over the internet so you can get ranked for those keywords.  So the next time someone searches for “cat collars” you will be on the top of the list.  Here are some link building methods to use:

  • Blog Commenting- This is an easy way to get your URL on someone else’s website.  Find a blog or site that is related to your niche, read the post, and make a comment that contributes to the discussion.  Most people use the old standard comment of “Hey, this was a great post! Thanks!” Don’t do that.  Webmaster’s hate it because they know you are just trying to build links on their site and will delete the comment.
  • Guest Posting- This is a little but harder to get.  Guest posting gigs are few and far between.  I myself, have only guest posted about 6 times my whole career.  However, if you can get a guest posting gig at a high ranking website, then that means that you have had the opportunity to put your URL in the Author byline.  This will help your site tremendously!  Also, on another note,  if your guest post is good enough, this could also get faithful readers to your site as well!
  • Article Marketing- Probably one of the most popular way to build links on the internet today.  Getting your URL out there is the name of the game.  The more articles that you write, then that means the more links to your site you can get online.
  • Forum Posting- This one is the most fun!  I love getting online on a forum at the end of the day and having fun talking about different SEO strateies, social media strategies, and what-not with other bloggers online.  A forum that I recommend is the Search Engine Optimization Forum.  Not only will you make great friends and connect with other bloggers online, but you will learn a lot too!  The forums is where I got my first link exchange with a high ranking site,  and I got my first offer to guest post from a guy on the forums.  You will not be disappointed in a good forum!

The Results Of Social Media To Make Money Blogging

This strategy is the one that I believe in the most! With the traffic from social media sites growing every day, everyone who is thinking of starting a blog should get involved with social media platforms.

175 million people log on to Facebook every day. That many plus a few more thousand check their Twitter Account every day. This is the reason why you want to chase the social media traffic. Social media traffic is fast and effective and you don’t have to be ranked high on the search engines to get this type of traffic. Make your posts and updates interesting for the reader to want to click your URL and come to your site. It could be the difference between learning the importance of how you can make money blogging and a big, fat, donut hole.

In Conclusion

Every new blogger want to learn different ways to make money blogging, and, for that matter, so does every old blogger. The point of this dance is to understand who is leading. It is not you. It is not the ever powerful search engine Google, it is the reader. If, by chance, people found that another search engines could give them better results Google would be left in the dust. If there is anything that I could tell you that you would remember it would be this: Don’t write your blog for Google, or any other search engine for that matter, write for the reader. They are the most important part of your blog. They will be the one’s to click that Buy Now button on your website, not Google. Remember, Google follows people, and people love interesting, helpful, and informative sites that can offer them some sort of product or information.

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