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As a common way to make money online, blogging is one of the successful methods, if you have a specific topic that you are interested in you can start blogging about it, and express your opinions, ideas and proposals. No matter what you are going to write about, there are lots of subjects you can go about, what really matters is that you should like it, and be willing to put good effort on it, and once you do you will find thousands of people interested in the same field you write about and would like to read about, further more will share you their opinions and ideas about your blog or its content which will help to develop it and become more successful.

But first of all, we would like to know what a blog is, the word blog was derived from the term (web log) which is a type or part of a website, and is often maintained by an individual who writes articles in concern of its aim, which are usually displayed in reverse-chronological order, the last written is the first shown. These articles can be commentaries, descriptions of events, and may include other materials such as graphics and videos.

The main feature that distinguishes blogs form other static websites is the interactivity. This interactivity allows visitors to leave their comments and also messages to each other, which create good social communication between them and the blogger who can also reply to these comments and messages.

Most blogs give news or commentaries on a particular subject, while others are more personal and work as online diaries. Blogs in their typical style combine texts with attached images and links refer to other blogs, web pages and other related media. For many blogs it is of significant importance that readers are able to leave comments in an interactive format. Most blogs are basically textual, however some focus on art, music, photography, videos and audio. While other blogs have short posts which are called Micro-blogs.

Early blogs contained manually updated components of common web sites. But later, tools were created to produce and maintain Web articles posted in reverse chronological order, which helped to make the publishing process easy and feasible for less technical people. This absolutely resulted in the distinct class of online publishing we recognize nowadays as blogs.

Blogs can be hosted either by dedicated hosting services or regular web hosting services, also they can be run using blog software.

There are a lot of types of blogs differing in their content and the way that content is written or delivered. So we are going to talk about some of these types.

  • Personal blogs

The personal blog is run by an individual; it is the traditional and most common blog. Personal bloggers are often proud of their blogs, even if they are never read. Blogs are now more than a way to just communicate, they are a way to express ideas on life, or works of art and more.

Some personal blogs achieve the fame and the mainstream but some of them swiftly gain a massive following. Micro-blog is an example of personal blogs and it has very detailed content.

  • corporate and organizational blogs

This is a type of blogs used internally to enhance the cultural relations and communication in a corporation or organization, or externally for marketing, branding or public relations. Similar blogs are club blogs, group blogs, or by similar name, and they are used to communicate with the members of the club and give them information of the recent activities.

  • Media-type blogs

These are blogs with different types of media, vlogs are blogs consist of videos, and linklogs are blogs comprising links, and those with collections of sketches are sketchblogs, also blogs containing photos are called photoblogs, and tumblelogs are blogs combine mixed media types and short posts. And the list is so long.

  • Genre blogs

Art blogs and music blogs are the two common types of genre blogs, as their name indicate they concern of different types of art and music. Other blogs concentrate on particular subjects such as fashion blogs, education blogs, political blogs, project blogs and travel blogs.

As we can see, blogs are of many different types, that you can choose which you prefer or like to get started with, so it is significant to have a clear idea of what a blog is, then you can decide when and where to begin blogging and how to manage it.

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