What Is Social Media?

The term social media is widely spread throughout the web , but the exact definition of it is not properly realized by many people who have quite a bit confusion about social media . Social media represents a wide range of web-based applications that allow the creation and share of the user generated contend and information and open the ability for the user to express and display their opinions and thoughts about a particular topic online .

For more understanding of social media term I am going to break it into two words , first the word social which refers to community , this community could be a group of people with specific trends like science , art or politics and so , or could be an open society of people differ in their traditions , religions , interests and ages . Second the word media which refers to all types of viewed , listened and read media like TV , Radio , magazines and newspapers and also the Internet . Then the combination of the two words brings out a sort of media allow the community of people to interact and participate in that media and not just the passive receiving of information , for instance , people who watch the news on TV they only receive information but they can‚Äôt make that information or even state what the think or believe except for some TV shows which allow a limited space for viewers . People have another type of media that provide them with the ability to express their opinions and share what they think openly for people in their limited community or in other parts of the world , and this is what called social media .

Social media includes many forms of websites , here is a brief list of common social Media types:

Are blogs a kind of social media?

Blogs are highly considered as a type of social media forms , they are more powerful , customizable and controllable than restricted accounts in other social media sites or networks . With your own blog you have full liberty to express and share your opinions to all Internet users , you also have the flexibility in adding photos , videos , drawings or charts to help pass through your thoughts to others . Blogs also allow visitors to interact with the author and other visitors via comment section to discuss and share ideas about articles posted in the blog and if the author allow guest posting you may also guest post , many bloggers guest post in other blogs to get traffic and back links to their blogs .

As we can see social media has a vast definition than people might think for the first while , and it has as great impact as industrial media (TV , Radio and Press) , it can spread any idea or thought all over the globe and affect how people think of a particular subject .

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