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The most trusted and used Internet publishing tool , WordPress has become the leader of web publishing world that is used by millions of blogs and websites . WordPress is a fascinating CMS ( Content Management System ) that provides many features for Internet publishers , Bloggers and website owners throughout the world wide web . Since it was released on the 27th of May 2003 , WordPress has gained a global reputation of being the best publishing platform and now dominating the field of web publishing . WordPress presents a free and open source blogging tool and a fantastic CMS based on PHP and MySQL ( a database management system ) , that anyone can freely use it for a single personal homepage to hundreds of commercialized websites without having to pay any fees .

WordPress has come out with two publishing tools , the first and most recommended one is a software script called WordPress.org which you can download and install in a few bucks paid web host service that meets the minimum requirements , actually most web hosting services support WordPress with a single button installation , this software is utterly customizable , flexible and easy to use and supported by many features and further softwares that gives him many brilliant attributes .  The second publishing tool is WordPress.com which you can use to launch a free WordPress based blog in a matter of seconds , but with less flexibility and control power in comparison with WordPress.org software .

The evolution of WordPress from a blogging system and Internet diary to a full content management system is an indication of how powrful and flexible it is to be the most trusted publishing paltform for millions of webmasters who rely on it to be the base for their blogs and websites . Supported by a great team of Internet developers updating it every now and again with many technical features , WordPress really went to the extremes of web publishing and marked the period of Internet press .

WordPress is really customizable and the layout could be changed to match the required look of any blog or website , users of WordPress can make their choice of thousands of WordPress themes and pick the most suitable for their sites . You can go for a free theme or can buy a unique premium WordPress theme with a nice layout and only few dollars cost . Themes can be installed using WordPress dashboard administration tool or by uploading the theme folders by means of FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) . You can also edit the theme itself if you have some knowledge of HTML and PHP , or even you can replace the theme with another one any time you wish without losing your weblog  content .

WordPress has also the property of adding plug-ins to its structure to boost the flexibilty and functionalty . WordPress developers create more plug-ins from time to time to increase and add more features to the base structure of WordPress . there are thousands of plug-ins in the database of WordPress that are used for a wide range purposes . There are also small modules called widgets used in the side bar of most themes and in the footer of many others , providing a drag and drop content placement in the side bar and also assist the use of many plug-ins and features like placing ads or adding e-mail subscription box and more .

WordPress now support multi-user and multi-blogging which was not available in versions prior 3.0 , now multiple blogs can be create with one installation of WordPress , allowing those with websites to add their own blog and even control and manage many blogs form a single dashboard up to eight blogs .

WordPress features a search engine friendly structure with integrated link management and assigning categories to sort articles , also the ability to add videos , audios and images to pages to make the look more attractive , interesting and more expressive .

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